" Music is the strongest form of magic. "

- Marilyn Manson 


Where you are

Welcome to my world! This blog may help you get through a bad day, celebrate a good one, or just be a happy place for you to escape to. I post about my academic life, music and lifestyle.  ‘Hydrated Soul’ is a place for positivity, creativity, and a thirst for new sound.

Behind the screen

Hi! My name is Julia Papas, and I’m a nineteen year old college student. If I don't have my nose in a book, I'm probably on an airplane or am dancing.

After over a year of running this blog solely on music, I decided to redesign and include two new pages: academic life and lifestyle. These three main sections of this blog represent three of the main pillars in my life. 

My hope is that this blog will give you insight into what my life is like in a nutshell, and bring you happiness whenever you may need it!